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OMG! Sheezan Khan  performs his own stunts in Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul on Sony Sab

October 4, 2022:  ( AVAJ APKI NEWS )


Sony SAB’s ‘Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul’ is keeping the audience hooked to the show with the brewing chemistry between Alibaba and Shehzaadi Mariam, unending banter between the friends, 40 thieves hunting for the talisman on SimSim’s command and the thrilling sequences.

Sheezan Khan who portrays the role Alibaba in the show recently posted a reel on his Instagram page where he is seen performing stunts in the Mamuli gali (the lane of the commoners in the show). He is seen performing the stunts on a harness and a wooden stick. For all the Alibaba fans who are appreciating the fight sequences and are not aware how these are shot, below is the video.

Link to the video.

Is it easy to perform these stunts? Know what Sheezan says, “It’s not always easy to perform these stunts. The cable or harness work is challenging as it requires a lot of core strength along with a sense of balance. There have been times when I’ve got stuck or stumbled because of the harness which follows and have had to give many retakes.”

But television’s loving Alibaba enjoys performing his stunts, describing the same, Sheezan said, “I enjoy performing the stunts on my own, I feel it gives me an adrenaline rush! The process of shooting any stunt is challenging because we have to finish it in time, which means not doing a lot of retakes. Sometimes I don’t use the harness or cable to perform my stunts. There have been times when I attempted to do it on my own, of course with the help and under the supervision of our action team. They are a very helpful bunch of people who take care of me and make sure that I go back home safe and sound.”

Tune in to Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul from Monday to Saturday at 8PM only on Sony SAB!

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