Amity University Punjab Hosts Discussion On  Disaster Resilience

Mohali, October 18, 2023: ( AVAJ APKI NEWS )

Amity University Punjab’s Eco-Club organised a discussion  on  the pertinent subject of ‘Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future’ . The motive behind the activity was to promote disaster resilience and fight inequality. The programme started off with a thought-provoking panel discussion where renowned experts from diverse fields presented their perspectives on various elements of disasters.

The panelists were top subject experts from the region and included  Dr. Kusum Pal from the Department of Law at Amity University Punjab, Dr. Smita Sharma from the Department of Economics at Panjab University, Dr. Mahesh Thakur from the Department of Geology at Panjab University, Dr. Vishwa Bandhu Singh from the Department of Geography at Panjab University, Dr. Shikha Sarna Chawla from the Department of Psychology at Amity University Punjab, and Ananya Sharma, a BSc Microbiology student.

During the engaging Panel Discussion, the speakers  delved into the causes, impacts, and management of disasters, covering a wide range of topics such as the physical, economic, political, legal, social, and geological aspects of disasters. The primary objective of the event was to educate students about disaster preparedness, disaster victims’  legal rights for compensation, and the significance of psychological assessment of victims following a disaster.

RK Kohli, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Punjab, said “The session  proved to be an enlightening platform for students to gain valuable insights from experts in various fields, promoting awareness and understanding of the multifaceted nature of disasters. The Eco Club’s initiative in organizing such an event deserves commendation as it will help in  advocating for a resilient future and fight inequality in the face of disasters.”

The music, theater, and dance club of Amity University Punjab  gave a stunning performance titled ‘Resilience Rhythm’ to conclude the event on a gripping note. The performance included a skit and musical presentation, shedding light on the post-disaster trauma experienced by affected individuals. It also emphasized the unfortunate reality of how the privileged often escape the consequences while the less fortunate endure the weight of disasters. The musical extravaganza aimed to inspire unity and foster an optimistic approach during times of distress.

Overall, the event served as a reminder of the importance of preparedness, legal rights, and psychological well-being in the aftermath of disasters, while also underlining the need for collective action and solidarity in building a more resilient society.