41-year-old woman with chronic kidney disease get second lease of life at Fortis Mohali

—Screening diabetic and hypertensive patients is the key to control CKD. Fortis Mohali has most advanced medical facilities to conduct successful transplant

Karnal, June 16, 2023: ( AVAJ APKI NEWS )

A 41-year-old woman, suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), got a second lease of life at Fortis Hospital Mohali when a kidney transplant procedure was performed by the surgeons. The kidney was donated by the patient’s father, aged 72.
The patient was suffering from uremic symptoms (due to increased level of harmful substances in the blood) and had been undergoing hemodialysis (filtering waste and water from the blood) twice a week since January last, when she approached Dr Anna Gupta, Associate Consultant, Renal Sciences and Kidney Transplant, Fortis Hospital Mohali.
“Upon examination, it was found that the patient had swelling in the feet and legs, uncontrolled blood pressure, decreased appetite, anaemia (low level of blood) for which she had received multiple blood transfusions. She had also contracted an infection in the dialysis line, and was later put on antibiotics. Looking at the situation, kidney transplant was advised”, said Dr Gupta, adding that the patient’s father offered to become the donor as he was the only compatible and legitimate donor in the family.
The Kidney Transplant Surgery team comprising Dr Gupta; Dr Sunil Kumar, Senior Consultant and Kidney Transplant Surgeon; and Dr Sahil Rally, Attending Consultant, Kidney Transplant, Fortis Mohali, successfully operated on the patient, who was the ambulated on the third day of the surgery and discharged on the sixth day with normal creatinine.
“Post surgery, the patient has normal creatinine, swelling has subsided, blood pressure is under control and her appetite has improved. The donor was also discharged on the fourth day of the surgery with no complications till date and performing his day-to-day activities without any difficulty”, Dr Gupta added.
Dr Gupta added, “Screening diabetic and hypertensive patients is the key to control CKD. Kidney transplant has a success rate of more than 97% and Fortis Mohali boasts of the most advanced medical facilities. If a patient doesn’t undergo timely kidney transplant surgery, it can further develop certain uremic (kidney failure-related) complications, infections, heart diseases.”
Highlighting the importance of kidney transplant, Dr Sunil Kumar, said, “Careful selection of donors is very important as a successful surgery outcome ensures a healthy life for the patient. Also, patients can return home within a week of the surgery and resume their normal routine activities. Except for the first three months, there are very few dietary restrictions. Regular follow-ups with a nephrologist are however necessary.”